Los Angeles, 2070 AD

A lot has changed for the City of Angels since the turn of the century.

The Awakening 50 odd years back brought Magic and Myth back into our every day and populated our streets with Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Trolls and even stranger beings. While legendary dragons made their hoards in caves, the modern variety seem to prefer board rooms and office buildings, manipulating economics and politics on a global scale to meet their own ends. Mages can summon spirits and cast spells, Adepts can accomplish superhuman feats, but if you want to use their services you better have cash in hand. And Technomancers… well, no one’s quite used to them yet.

But just because a few guys can throw fireballs around doesn’t mean the march of technological advancement has halted. Or even slowed. And by and large, the biggest fields of advancement are computer technology and prosthetics. Cyberspace has advanced to the point where you can jack in to an environment almost as real as our own. Cyberware, Bioware and even gene therapy allow us to replace limbs, harden bones, and even increase our reaction time.

Those who Run in the Shadows

Which brings us to you. You are a Shadowrunner. A deniable asset, a mercenary pawn in a chess game played by megalithic corperations, nations, gangs, crime syndicates, or anyone else able to pay in cash.

You’re criminals, trying to survive in a world that doesn’t care if you live or die. Some are in it for the money. Some for the glory. Some for the fun of it.

But over all, you’re just someone trying to live free in a world where the Man runs everything.

The City of Lost Angels

Which brings us to the where.

Los Angeles is a battered and broken reminant of its glory days in the 20th century, half drowned after the massive earthquakes last year. But its starting to pick itself up, dust off its sunglasses and getting ready for its close-up once more. And with Horizon Corp pumping billions of nuyen into its entertainment industry, Hollywood is still home to the Stars, even its hard to get around without getting your feet wet.

So places everyone, show’s about to start.

Lights. Camera. Action!


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