Anacaona Vasquez

"As God as my witness, I'll never glitch stupid again."


Real Name: Anacaona Vasquez
Matrix Handle: RameraOScara
Matrix Icon: A pale-skinned, blonde elvish pixie in a long red dress.

Meat Body:
Pale hazel eyes
Dark brown hair, shoulder-blade length. Dyed white with fiber optic glow and color settings.
Light brown skin
Five feet, one inch tall
121 lbs.


Anacaona Vasquez grew up in Aztechnology corporate life; her father an upper-mid level member of management, and her mother one of the heads of Human/Meta Resources.

She was well cared for in company housing, with company schools, and company friends, and she seemed well on her way to becoming a company asset in her own right, with a natural capability to fix, code, and otherwise deal with anything computer related.

Everything was fine until she caught a serious case of bronchitis, with a fever spiking her into unconsciousness…but her parents noticed that her hair curler would still turn on at her usual time in the morning. Her usual breakfast of soyrizo, eggs, and grapefruit would be waiting for her.

But she was asleep, and disconnected from the Matrix to let her rest undisturbed.

Fearing for their daughter’s safety in their heavily-monitored environment, her parents (Jacoba and Manauia) used their advantageous positions within Aztechnology to arrange her removal from Aztlan to Egypt, where she’d be safe…

…Because her family was Roman Catholic, against the laws of Aztlan, as well.

Unfortunately, the team of Shadowrunners hired by her parents and their Egyptian contacts to ‘extract’ her happened to contain a handsome young adept called Bumper.
During her smuggling from Aztlan into Los Angeles, she was told what she was and why she had to flee, but her newfound freedom led to the usual stupid decisions young people make, and she happened to JUST miss her top-notch falsified ticket out of Los Angeles straight to Egypt.

Needless to say, the affair was short, passionate, and fraught with danger as she learned the basics of Shadowrunning as a budding technomancer at her lover’s heel.
After four months of jumping from hideout to hideout, Bumper accidentally left access to a locked message board in his PAN open, leading Ana to accidentally ‘peek’ during a heated argument with him.
Upon losing control, she was led directly to a series of openly sensual correspondences between he and at least 2 human and 1 dwarf woman, each of which he kept at a favorable distance using his continually mobile and dangerous line of work.
Immediately confronting him with this, he blew up in anger, blaming her for her naivete, claiming he was ‘tired of babysitting the newbie,’ and left her to deal with the fallout of his latest local job, which was conveniently going south at that very moment.

Anacaona Vasquez

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