A Day in the News

As a sort of introduction to the game, I want to give you the top news stories of the day.

Our top story today: Security forces in LA continue their stand-off with members of the eco-terrorist Gaean Liberation Front. Members of the GLF captured a Horizon Americas Research Facility in Santa Monica three days ago and have been holding the personnel hostage. GLF spokesperson alias “Eve” has released an open letter to horizon, demanding they cease their research into Deep Lacuna before they release the staff. Our reporters tracked Horizon CEO Gary Cline down in a nearby Horizon office building and he had this to say:

“Horizon is a company that has never believed in special ops security forces, so we can’t just bust in and break our guys out. But there’s no way we’re negotiating with terrorists. If they have concerns with the way we’re handling our Lacuna Research projects, they’re free to talk to us like civilized adults and I’m sure we could work something out. Frankly, we’re shocked and appalled we were targeted like this. As for our brave employees, don’t worry about it. We’re currently in talks with the PCC, but we’re keeping our options open. Rest assured, we will get them out of there, alive and in one piece. They’re our family, and we’re going to save them, one way or another.”

In other news the Greater Dragon known as Ghostwalker has made travel arangements to spend time in the City of Angels. This marks the first time that the self-proclaimed Guardian of Denver has traveled this far west since his mysterious appearance ten years ago. We tried to reach Ghostwalker, but he was unavailable for comment. No news yet on what the Great Dragon’s agenda is, or what his visit will mean for Los Angeles.

In the financial world, Double-A Corp Viridian Dynamics is set to make its Initial Public Offering on the Boston Stock Exchange next month however sources tell us forces from inside the company are stalling for time. Viridian Spokesman Ted Crisp had this to say: “We’re just trying to make sure that we’re ready for the big day. We want to make sure we’re all we can be before we start selling stock. We at Viridian believe firmly in ensuring a good product before it goes on sale, and this time we’re selling ourselves.” Viridian Dynamics would mark the largest IPO since NeoNet, in the wake of the Crash of ’64.

In World News, freedom demonstrations continue in the UK, where the mysterious resistance organizer known only as The Pendragon appeared this Thursday. Tensions continue to mount as a growing portion of the population has joined in these rallies against what has been described as the “Brutal and Tyranical” rule of the Lord Protector, Oliver Marchmant and his New Druidic Movement Party. The Office of the Lord Protector released a statement declaring the Pendragon and his followers had been tried in absentia and found guilty of sedition. Although the Pendragon appears to espouse a path of non-violence reminiscent of Ghandi or other liberation movement leaders of the twentieth century, experts say that an armed conflict between government and freedom fighters is inevitable.

In South America, Atzlan and Amazonian forces have begun gathering forces along their border, preparing, many say, for a war the likes of which that region of the world has not seen for decades. Atzlan has suffered several set-backs in recent years, from the loss of the Yukatan to insurrection, to the damage brought to San Diego in the wake of Twin Quakes last year. Political Analyst, Larry Drake had this to say, when asked if Aztlan was getting in over its head.

Drake: “I don’t think that it really matters, from our point of view. A War in Central America would be nothing but good for the PCC, and especially for Los Angeles. I doubt that Aztlan will be willing to fight a war on two fronts, and that distraction will, hopefully, keep them from turning their attention northwards for years to come.”

The weather today is sunny skies as usual with highs in the mid to upper sixties. A wind advisory is in place for this evening, with gales of up to fourty miles an hour, so you might want to carry a coat with you for the ride home.

This is Telecast Radio, your best source for news on your way to work.

(more to come)

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