Character Creation

Shadowrun is built on a strict point buy system, meaning there’s one pool for pretty much everything you do from equiptment to attributes, to everything in between.

While the Point-buy system pretty allows for almost complete freedom of creation, there are a few roles that runners tend to fall into. I’ve put a list of them Here. Take a look if you need some inspiration

I’ve decided to start this game with 500 BP, which means you guys are veteran badasses, or at least amazingly talented beginners.

Lets take a look at what 500 BP can buy you.


There are a bunch of human subspecies. Some of them are naturally stronger, faster, or better looking than regular old humans, which means, naturally, it costs build points to be an elf or a troll

  • Human: (Homo Sapiens Sapiens) Regular Garden Variety humans. Though they are a bit luckier than other races.
  • Ork: (Homo Sapiens Robustus) Costs 20 BP. Orks are a little stronger and a little sturdier than regular humanity, but they also tend to be uglier and dumber. You don’t see that many Ork simstars or engineers but there are exceptions…
  • Dwarf: (Homo Sapiens Pulmallonis) Costs 25 BP. Dwarves are a little sturdier and a little stronger than humans, and their notorious stubbornness can be an asset at times, but they tend to be a little slower on the draw. Also have the the ability to see into inferred spectrum and are naturally resillient to poisons.
  • Elf: (Homo Sapiens Nobilis) Costs 35 BP. Elves are pretty and graceful, but on the downside… well there’s no downside really. Unless you count the cost in points.
  • Troll: (Homo Sapiens Ingentis) Costs 45 BP. Okay, so you know how orks and dwarves are a little stronger and hartier than humans? Well Trolls are moreso. Much moreso. To the point where the average troll is about as strong as an Olympic weightlifter. They can see inferred and half calcite deposites in their skin which make much of it almost as hard as bone, and have enough reach, given their size, to knock you on your ass before you get within striking distance. On the downside, they tend to be a bit clumsier and dumber than most humans and are definitely uglier.
  • Others: there are a lot of other options if those don’t appeal to you. Just let me know if you’re interested in playing one and we can go over the rules.

Here‘s a list of each of attributes are for each metatype so I don’t use up too much room here.


You may buy up attributes at a cost of 10 BP per. For humans, all statistics start at 1 and max out at 6, but depending on your Metatype, it might change ( see above). You can only max out one attribute at the start, and you can only spend 250 points on attributes, period.

There are 8 main Attributes

  • Body (bod): how hearty your character is, how well they can take damage
  • Agility (agi): How graceful your character is, both fine and gross motor skills.
  • Reaction (rea): How quick you characters reflexes are
  • Strength (str): what it says on the tin
  • Charisma (cha): a combination of personal appearance and manerism, how much people tend to like your character.
  • Intuition (int): how good your characters instincts are.
  • Logic (log): how rational your character is.
  • Will (wil): how resistant your character is to influence.

There’s also Edge, which is bought up like another attribute, but measures how lucky your character is. You may have a rating between 1 and six, starting with 1. Humans may buy it up to 7.


Skills are divided into active and knowledge.

Active Skills all start at a rating of 0 and max out at 6. There are two ways of buying them. Either buy them individually at 4 BP each, or as part of a group of skills, bringing all of them up at the same time for 10BP.

You can either max out one active skill at 6, or bring two up to 5. But the remainder can only be brought up to 4 at character creation.

Skillgroups can only be bought up to 4.

Passive Skills are a bit different. First find your (Logic + Intuition)x3. You have that many free points to spread between Knowledge and Languages. More can be bought at a cost of 2 BP each.


There are positive and negative qualities. Positive qualities cost BP and make your character more awesome. Negative qualities give you more BP and limit your character in distinct, flavourful ways. You may only take 45 BP worth of negative qualities.


Each BP you spend on equiptment gives you 5000 nuyen to throw around. May only spend up to 50BP on this, but good luck spending 250,000ny. I’ve managed before, making NPC’s, but it gets recockulous very quickly.


Contacts are a vital but oft-overlooked aspect of life in the shadows.

Basically, this is the who you know side of the business. Sometimes, its just a fixer, a guy with other contacts who can get you equiptment, smooth things over with the authorities, and even get you a job from time to time, or a bunch of individual contacts to do all the same, its impossible to operate without some networking.

You can come up with any number of contacts for yourself. Each point you spend in Contacts can raise a specific contact’s Connection (read: usefullness) or his Loyalty by one, from 0 to a maximum of 6.

Calculating your Street Cred

Street Cred is a measure of how respected you are in the streets. The book has a relatively straight-forward way of calculating it. However I’m planning on completely changing it because I think its over simplistic, especially in LA, where your prestige amongst the Hollywood crowd is almost as important as your reputation in the Shadows.

I’ll put more about it here

Character Creation

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