Okay, lets take a look at the culture OF TOMORROW




LA’s not as big for Nightlife as, say, New York, but if you want to rub elbows with simstars… well you probably still can’t. Club life hasn’t changed much in the last hundred years or so; they’re still all mostly hanging out in the VIP room, while you’re stuck on the floor unless your pito’s high enough to get you in. More on pito in a bit.

There are also matrix clubs, where no one can tell who you are.

In LA, club central is still Hollywood. And while most of the clubs from the early 21st century have fallen to the ravages of economics or earthquakes, many of the new ones that have risen from its ashes bare similar names. The New Roxy still aires local talent looking for their big break, for instance. What was once Fox Studios in Century City has been retrofitted into The Fox, LA’s largest nightclub. There are many others though, Electron Skies, Jazz Nights, to name a few…


Music continues to change and evolve as it always has. Some popular genres around in the 70’s.

  • Top 40’s. As has existed since Motown, when people began to understand that music could be manufactured to appeal to the vast majority of the population. There’s very little here that has changed in a hundred years. New heartthrob teen bands. New not-quite-legal sex-object singers.
  • Goblin Rock: What began as Orkpunk was quickly coopted during the orksploitation movement of the early 50’s. There’s still an Orkpunk movement, even 20 years later, but outside the culture, few take it seriously.
  • Elven Folk: A “rediscovery” of the folk music of the elves of the Third Age, played on bizzare and often impractical instruments. Nonetheless, big with certain crowds.
  • Synthrash: Music that is designed to hurt the ears and give a headache. No, really, its supposed to be an acquired taste, though those who listen to it frequently say that it is worth the effort of understanding it.
  • Neo-classical: Is… weirdly… coming back into fad with the upper classes, especially elves that don’t buy into the Elven Folk movement.
  • Wizrock: Music made using magic rather than instruments

The most important development in music in the last hundred years is the synthlink, a plug into the back of the skull that allows the user to literally will music out of the speakers. However there is some backlash for people who don’t bother to put in the training….

I’ll come up with a few in a bit, but cannon has at least Alexi Summers, a top 40’s star who’s starting into Simstardom.


This is the big one, boys and girls. Its what pulls in the big doe.

Simsense is… different… from our modern entertainment. When you play a sim, you plug into the main characters shoes and experience everything that happens to him, everything he sees, everything he feels, including, these days, his emotions. Its a bit wacky, but that’s the biz these days.

And LA is where it happens.

Tridio, Cinema, Radio

Which isn’t to say that TV, Movies and Radio are dead. Most people still own a 3DTV, or Tridio set, and there are still cinema’s everywhere, though they tend to draw the same crowd that live action plays draw. Radio, on the other hand, is just about as strong as it was in the late 21st. Can beat down the old bitch, but can’t kill her.


this kind of hurts. But here goes. Most links, which is to say, most ways you hook up to the matrix, projects it around you as an Augmented Reality. Think Google Glasses on steroids. Now you thought pop-up adds were annoying on your computer. Imagine what they’re like when they explode at you out of nowhere, 50 ft tall and shouting at you “CONGRATULATIONS! YOU WON!” at full volume… as you walk down the street. Still. Most people are used to it.


The world’s gone pretty damn cosmopolitan, and the closer to the underbelly of society you go, the moreso it gets. Trying to pin the new “in thing” in fashion is much the same as trying to describe the entire world’s culture as a singular entity. Its impossible. Still, this is LA and if there’s a place to do so, it would be here. After all, we are the World’s culture.

Its not so much about what you wear, or what color pattern you’ve modified your skin to have, or the subdermal reactive tattoos you got installed. Or the impossible colour you got your hair magically altered to be. Its about how you wear it. Still, most sim-stars won’t go too heavy on the permanent body modifications. After all, its easier to add a temporary tattoo than remove one. But you’ll find all sorts in a A-list party if you look long enough.


The old drugs are still around but there’s never been a shortage of innovators in chemically twisting your mind

  • Aisa: A disorienting minor hallucinogen
  • Betameth: Amphetamene that makes you faster
  • Betel: Mild stimulant, highly addictive, chewing gum. Very popular in asia.
  • Bliss: An opiate
  • Cram: an amphetamine
  • Deepweed: A magical drug that forces anyone with any magical ability to astrally percieve, even if they aren’t normally capable of it.
  • Dopadrine: A downer, that prevents people from flying into psychotic rages. Also works as a narcotic.
  • eX: Mild stimulant and aphrodisiac, popular party drug.
  • G3: Supposedly causes people to age slower.
  • Guts: Suppresses the fear response.
  • Hurlg: An alcoholic beverage made by orks, for orks, from orks. Well not that last part. Too strong for most humans
  • Jazz: A tailor-made combat drug that increases reaction time.
  • K-10: The horrifying tailor combat drug that transforms its user into an unstoppable, indiscriminate berserker killing machine.
  • Kamikaze: An even more potent combat drug that makes you faster, stronger, and highly resistant to pain.
  • Long Haul: Removes the need for sleep.
  • Nitro: A street-created combat drug which makes you stronger and almost completely immune to pain.
  • NoPaint: A topical anesthetic
  • Novacoke: A much more potent version of cocaine that deadens pain
  • Oxygenated Flurocarbons: A blood replacement that increases how long you can hold your breath.
  • Psyche: A drug that makes you think clearer, but detatched
  • Push: A quick euphoric high with no strings attached
  • Zen: A hallucinogen
  • BTL: Digital Drugs. I’ll talk about them in a bit more detail later.


Pito is an LA thing. Its the slang term for a Horizon program being field tested in LA called Persona 2.0, which gets shortened to P2.0. P2.0 is a status thing in the entertainment business, it basically is a way of keeping track of who’s in and who’s out. In part, its a social networking service. Every person on P2.0 has a page with personal info on it and links to mutually acknowledge friends, like facebook, and an automatically updating list of things that you’ve done, like, say, an IMDB profile or an automatic resume. It also has a number that shows up next to your name.

This number comes from a complicated algorithm based off of three things.

Your Centrality or C-Rating, which is the 6 degrees games, except substituting Horizon CEO and former Simstar Gary Cline for Kevin Bacon.

Your Membership, or M-Rating is the size of your network, or how many friends you have.

The last part is your Subscription or S-Rating. Its how many followers you have. As mentioned elsewhere, paparazzi video drones are everywhere, recording everything that happens and putting it up on the net for viewing. And if you have a P2.0 profile, the drones are smart enough to put a tag by the vid which people can subscribe to, as if someone took CCTV and constantly uploaded all of it to youtube.

Combine these three factors and you wind up with your pito rating, which is usually the first thing anyone looks at when you’re applying for a job. Even one as shady as Running.


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