Drakes are metahumans who can transform into dragon-like monsters.

Like Changelings, Drakes seem to be completely normal specimens of a given metatype. Then at some point in their development, they spontaneously begin transforming into a dragon-like creature at random intervals. Eventually they gain control over the transformation.

This transformation has been tenatively classified as a type of SURGE (see Changelings) but no one knows exactly what causes it for certain.

I feel the need to emphasize that Drakes are not dragons and do not have the same power that true dragons do. Still, they can be rather frightening.

Game information

Drakes select their Metatype as per normal and select Drake as a quality for 65 BP. As a drake, you have the power to transform into one of several available dragon forms, which each grant different physical advantages and disadvantages. Again, as with Changelings, if you want to play a drake, let me know and I’ll get into specifics.


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