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For now, lets put up Character Creation

And Once you’re done with that. Please, please, please answer this Character Questionnaire. Shadowrun is, by its very nature, character driven, and understanding who your character is and what he’s willing to do is vitally important.

The Way the World Is

A History Lesson for those who want it.


There are 10, ridiculously powerful companies which pretty much run the world. After the “Shiwase Decision” of the Supreme Court, they are no longer bound by the laws of nations, meaning that each of the three AAA “Megacorps” are sovereign nations unto themselves, with their employees as their citizens.


Several subspecies have emerged. Elves, Orks, Dwarves, and Trolls have sprouted up alongside other, stranger versions of mankind, collectively called Metahumanity. And if you thought people could get racist over skin color, wait until tusks and horns come into the picture.

But things have settled down a bit. After all its been something like 50 years has gone by since the new metahumans emerged. People have gotten used to seeing orks and trolls. Still getting used to Changelings.


Okay, so Magic is a hard subject to encaptualize, but effectively…

People have a notion of how things magic works. Actually people have a lot of notions. All of them seem to be right. The shamanistic magic practiced by a voodoo witch doctor works just as well as the “high magic” of the hermetic mage. The presiding theory is that human consciousness resonates through the Astral Plane, and that our beliefs and symbols create harmonic vibrations that a few people are able to tap into it.


The Greater Dragons run everything. Never try to fight directly against one. There are no heroes in this. They always win. The only time a dragon loses is in their games of global chess against another dragon. And the pawns they use tend to lose, no matter which side they play.

The Matrix

The internet is huge, all encompassing and completely wireless. After the enormous net crash five years ago, the Matrix was completely redesigned without a wire grid to keep it down. This is a Cyberpunk setting, so the Matrix is powerful enough that, depending on your interface, you can completely immerse yourself in a world as real as our own, if you like.


Technomancers are recent. People with the ability to interface directly with the Matrix without the need of a computer. A powerful Technomancer was responsible, in large part, for what happened in Crash of ’64. As a result, a lot of people view them with fear and superstition.


Despite the best efforts of Bali, Tokyo and Manhattan, Los Angeles has still held on to the title of the Cultural Capitol of the world, in no small part due to Horizon’s assistance.

Simsense has dethroned TV and cinema as king of all media. But Trideo is still around as is, surprisingly, radio. But I guess what else are you going to listen to on the ride to work. Click the link for more.

The City of Lost Angels

LA is a weird town, and really needs its own page, but I’ll go over the very basics here.

For about 10 years, the Pueblo Corporate Council has been in charge of LA. The PCC is a nice, liberal nation state that runs its government as if it were a corperation, and most people are pretty happy with the way they’re running things.

Horizon stymied the worst of what happened in the Crash of ’64, and suddenly became the most important company in the city, or really the west coast in total.

But the real disaster struck last year, 2069, when a terrible earthquake struck the city.

Remember the old jokes about LA breaking off and falling into the ocean? Well… It could have been worse?

Basically, the city sunk a bunch of feet. Really this shouldn’t have happened. A natual tectonic phenomina that would have moved the entire city that much lower would have resulted in a far worse problems for the surrounding country side. In short, if earthquake caused it in any natural sense, it would have flattened every building in the sprawl as far away as riverside, caused tsunamis and probably set off volcanoes all throughout the pacific rim. Yet the city was (relatively) undamaged. The freeways still stand. And so long as you aren’t underwater, it doesn’t seem that much worse than any other 8.6 Richter scale event.

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