Pueblo Corporate Council

Lets talk a bit about our glorious nation, the Pueblo Corporate Council.

The PCC was one of the several Native American Nations that was formed in 2014 during the so-called Treaty of Denver. It was originally formed as an alliance of tribes in the Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona areas, but, other than sharing a common birth, it has little in common with the other NANs.

The Tribes of these areas were wealthier than many others, owing, in large part, to Indian Gaming Laws. Most of the tribes had operated as private corporations for many years previously, and saw no reason to change their style of governance.

Thus, the PCC is run by a board of directors, headed up by a CEO, answerable to stockholders and primarily in the Real Estate business.

The PCC issues two types of “stock”. The first, regular stock is issued to anyone who wishes legal alien residency. All you need to do to be allowed to live and work in the PCC is buy into it. This simple, elegant method of allowing greencard status has helped ensure the wealth of the PCC.

The second “preferred” stock confers citizenship and permits people to vote. Originally, only tribe members were issued preferred stock, but over the intervening years this policy has been relaxed, and many people of other races have been able to buy into full citizenship, making the PCC a Native American Nation in name only, though the still maintain close aliances with the other nations formed during the Treaty of Denver.

The Good

The PCC is wealthy. Its well managed. The benefits for working in government are significant and its drawn some of the smartest, most capable people to work for them.

Because of this, the PCC has become well known for its social agility, its ability to respond quickly to crisis, and its efficiency in fixing problems in the system. In short, its a well-oiled machine.

The Bad

But its got a history of being ruthless in its foreign policy. For instance, its neighbors in the Ute nation fell on some hard times 20 years back or so. The PCC sent troops in to assist, and then never left, effectively annexing the Ute Nation and all of its citizens.

They did a similar trick in LA if you’ll recall, but we aren’t as upset about that as the Ute are.

The Ugly

The PCC has a problem, and that problem is called Aztlan.

Just to the south, the Azzies are looking for any sign of weakness at all to march north, and, frankly, the PCC doesn’t have the troop strength to keep them at bay.

What they do have are alliances with the Confederate States of America and the other Native American Nations. So far, that united front has been enough to keep Papa Aztech out, but will it last?

Pueblo Corporate Council

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