Viridian Dynamics


The brainchild for of the Viridian Dynamics company was between two unlikely men.

Edward Johnson was a business major out of Columbia from a relatively wealthy family employed to Ares. However his senior thesis “Horizon: How The Newest Mega Will Make Its Competitors Obsolete.” Apparently Ares was not amused. However before Horizon had a chance to offer him a job, he had already begun his own firm with Akim.

Elijah Akim was a community college drop out, third generation New Yorker, whose grandparents had managed to escape Palestine before the Spirit War tore the holy lands to ribbons. He had grown up with nothing and had no real prospects in life until he met Johnson.

No one knows how the two met, or how they began their corperation. Akim showed an amazing affinity with computers that many suspect may indicate him as a Technomancer.

Either way, there was a third partner in this arrangement, though no one knows his name. Referred to only as “Mentor,” this silent partner is credited with being the one brought the business plan to their attention.

With the assistance of venture capatalist Cyrus Moloch, they began Viridian Retrievals, a company designed to piece out information otherwise lost during the Crash the previous year.


Division of Power

We do not know much about the power structure of Viridian, but the silent partner “Mentor” is believed to be CEO, controling the company through annonymous emails.

These are some of the Divisions and Subsidiaries of

  • Viridian Retrievals: The original Viridian company. Their specialty was retrieving information that had been lost during the Crash of ’64.
  • Viridian Developments: The second company. “Figure out what no one else is doing and fill that nich. Don’t worry if anyone wants it yet.”
  • Viridian Commerce: Their job is to sell what Developments make.
  • Viridian Acquisitions: Designed to help the business grow by whatever means necessary.

Viridian Dynamics

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