Active Skills

See Also, Skill Groups

Combat Active Skills:

  • Archery: Wielding Bows
  • Automatics: Any weapon up to an assault rifle in size.
  • Blades: Knives, swords, axes, anything edged you hold in your hands
  • Clubs: Hammers, cudgles, maces, staves
  • Dodge: getting out of the way
  • Exotic Melee Weapon: Individual weird weapon
  • Exotic Ranged Weapon: See above
  • Heavy Weapons: Any gun bigger than an assault rifle
  • Longarms: Any non-automatic two-handed gun. Rifles, Shotguns etc.
  • Pistols: Any non-automatic one-handed gun.
  • Throwing weapon: The art of disarming yourself into your enemies face.
  • Unarmed Combat: Fisticuffs, martial arts.

Magical Active Skills (Mages Only):

  • Assessing: Learning information from auras.
  • Astral Combat: Fighting while disembodied.
  • Banishing: Return from whence you came, fell spirit!
  • Binding: Tethering a spirit to you for an extended period of time
  • Counterspelling: unweaving what is woven
  • Ritual Spellcasting: Long-form spellcasting.
  • Spellcasting: What sorcery is this!?
  • Summoning: I call thee forth to do my bidding!

Physical Active Skills

  • Climbing: on belay
  • Disguise: More than meets the eye
  • Diving: Know how to safely go under water.
  • Escape Artist: Houdini-esque
  • Gymnastics: 10/10
  • Infiltration: How to move around undetected
  • Navigation: Knew I shouldn’t have made that left turn at Albuquerque
  • Palming: Slight of hand
  • Parachuting: Behind enemy lines
  • Perception: Trying to see or hear what’s around you
  • Running: First skill of the Doctor and his companions
  • Shadowing: Following someone without their noticing you
  • Survival: Managing in the wild.
  • Swimming: I’m running out of things to say about these obvious ones.
  • Tracking: Following someone’s trail.

Resonance Active Skills (Technomancers Only)

  • Compiling: Digital Summoning
  • Decompiling: Digital Banishing
  • Registering: Digital Binding

Social Active Skills:

  • Con: Lie your ass off
  • Etiquette: How not to piss people off
  • Instruction: Those who can’t do, teach. Those who can’t teach, don’t have this skill.
  • Intimidation: You looking at me, punk?
  • Leadership: My fellow Angelinos!
  • Negotiation: Bargaining for your life. Or, really, anything.

Technical Active Skills

  • Aeronautic Mechanic: How to build and repair aircraft
  • Armorer: Building and maintaining weapons or armor.
  • Artisan: Make something beautiful
  • Automotive Mechanic: How to build and repair cars
  • Computer: A deeper-than-normal understanding of how computers work, though not how to hack or write your own programs, or build one from scratch, or find data…. not really sure what’s left but meh.
  • Cybercombat: How to tango with someone who’s throwing ice your way.
  • Cybertechnology: Creating, careing and installing electronic and mechanical parts into a living person.
  • Data Search: For when Google isn’t enough
  • Demolitions: Blow it all up.
  • Electronic Warfare: Cancelling other people’s signals, or forcing yours through when someone else tries to do the same
  • First Aid: Stop the bleeding, get ’em stabilized.
  • Forgery: Making flawless documents.
  • Hacking: Exploiting flaws in programs to get in.
  • Hardware: Make a computer from scratch
  • Industrial Mechanic: Mechanic for anything not covered by the other types of mechanic
  • Locksmith: Call a Locksmith!
  • Medicine: Its not Lupus
  • Nautical Mechanic: Maintaining boats.
  • Software: Writing your own programs

Vehicle Active Skills

  • Gunnery: Operating a weapon remotely on a turret
  • Pilot Aerospace: Ground Control to Major Tom
  • Pilot Aircraft: Fly like an Ace
  • Pilot Anthroform: Domo Arigato Mr Roboto
  • Pilot Exotic Vehicle: Unicycles or jet-packs or whatever the fuck else isn’t covered by the list.
  • Pilot Ground Craft: Go Speed Racer!
  • Pilot Watercraft: Sail the seven seas (Note, rather useful in LA these days)

Active Skills

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