These are the so-called “Big 10”, companies that are no longer governed by any laws but their own, sovereign nations in their own right.

  • Ares Macrotechnology: Detroit based Ares is run by the multi-trillionaire Damien Knight.The quintessential American company, Ares primarily specializes law-enforcement, para-military, weapons, aerospace, and automotive. They also run Truman Distribution Network, the second biggest studio in LA
  • Aztechnology: based in Tenochtitlan, Aztechnology is involved in pretty much everything. They manufacture 60% of all junk-food, and are the leading manufacturer of magical technology. Aztechnology is also one of the big players in LA. They have a lot of pull in the streets and are looking to expand in a big way.
  • Evo Corperation: Russian based Evo looks to the future. They cater to a “niche” market of metahuman ergonomics, which is to say, designing items for people who aren’t standard human size or shape. They also are pioneers in the fields of genetics and cybernetics, attempting to push metahumanity to our next phase of evolution
  • Horizon: These are big boys in LA. Horizon is to the film studios of yore what Ares is to Lockheed Martin. While they have fingers in a few pies like any megacorp, their speciality is the media. All of them. Any means of manipulating public opinion. From Sim-vids, to music, to public relations, they have mastered the art of spin. There are some rumors of some really spooky stuff, but no one seriously believes it. Of course, maybe that’s just what they want you to think…
  • Mitsuhama Computer Technology:
  • NeoNET:
  • Renraku Computer Systems: Renraku is a Japancorp with a fair deal of infamy associated with it. Its anti-metahuman stance, its history of human experimentation and, mostly, its hand (albeit accidental) in the events leading to Crash 2.0 have earned it a bad rep both in and out of the shadows. Still, its got enough power to make it pretty much ubiquitous.
  • Sader-Krupp Heavy Industries: Run by Lofwyr, the Greater Dragon. Be ware.
  • Shiwase Corperation: The first Megacorp. Does a bit of everything
  • Wuxing, Incorperated:

Other Corps

While the Triple-A corps are, by far, the most powerful organizations on the planet, they don’t quite own everything. There are smaller companies, a few with some considerable economic clout of their own. I’m going to put a few of the important Double-A corps down.

  • Amalgamated Studios: Before Horizon-Pathfinder leaped onto the scene ten years ago, Amalgamated was big. Its managed to hold onto its Double-A status. Barely.
  • Viridian Dynamics: Viridian appeared about five years ago, but no one’s quite sure from where. They’ve vaulted into the ranks of Double-A’s far faster than they have any right to.


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