Passive Skills

There are two types of Passive skills: Knowledge and Language


Knowledge comes in four categories.

  • Street: Any knowledge that simply comes from living life. From information about gangs to Politics.
  • Academic: Book learning from formalized school subjects. History, Math, Literature etc.
  • Professional: Knowledge related to a specific career. Engineering, accounting, etc.
  • Interest: To give an example, everything on this wiki would be classified as this.

Within those four categories, you can pretty much pick whatever you want. For instance, you can take knowledge in Academics (Literature). Or Professional (Law).

Like any other skill, its rated 1-6


Each language is its own skill, rated 1-6. 1 is a basic understanding while 6 is near-perfect fluency. Any time you try to speak in a language that isn’t your native one, you need to make a check.

Passive Skills

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